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Armando Archundia is officially the new president of the Arbitration Commission, after being presented this Wednesday by louis yonpresident of the Mexican Soccer Federation, who confirmed the former whistler in relief of Arthur Brizio.

At a press conference, Archundia Tellez, 56 years old, spoke about his feelings when assuming as a new chief of the Mexican whistlers.

I am very happy and committed to working in refereeing, I feel as excited and excited as I did 16 years ago directing my first World Cup match. I feel extremely grateful, I am convinced that we will do a great job as a team for this Referees Commission.

Archundiatwo times World Cup Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010, assured that there are many areas of opportunity in the Arbitration Commission, under the command of Brizio Carter the last five years.

I will make a complete diagnosis, there are many areas of opportunity that have to be taken advantage of so that Mexican arbitration continues to grow.

Likewise, Archundia recognized that it is a great opportunity to give back to arbitration some of what it received during their 25 years of career:

I was preparing to take this place and return a little of how much arbitration gave me, we will work with the same attitude as when I was a referee.

While, louis yon spoke about the points that led to the appointment of Archundia Tellez in front of the FMF Arbitration Commission.

Among the things that defined the arrival of Armando, first was his career, second, his great preparation, and lastly, his honorability demonstrated throughout his career.

For the leader, the objectives of the new management are clear:

We seek to consolidate ourselves as one of the 8 best arbitrations in the world, and become the point of reference as the best arbitration in our region.

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