Arlington approves plan to restore Langston area

Arlington approves plan to restore Langston area
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The Arlington County Board voted unanimously Saturday to approve the ambitious Langston Boulevard Area Plan, which will help transform the area into a “major mixed-use corridor that provides safe, multimodal access and is fundamentally environmentally friendly.” .

The county board's action Saturday came after a public comment period involving many community members, including many Hispanics, most of whom asked the board to approve the plan.

"The plan's land use framework and design guidelines will shape new development in this corridor by helping to expand its housing supply - between 10,000 and 16,000 units - and its commercial base, improving its transportation network and the connectivity of their public spaces,” said Arlington County Board President Christian Dorsey after the initiative was approved.

The plan will also strengthen “the overall climate resilience of the corridor by effectively managing stormwater, adding quality green space and improving energy efficiency,” Dorsey said.

In his comments to the board on Saturday, community leader Stephen D'Alessio, who supported the Arlington County Board's adoption of the plan, said he hoped officials would prioritize action on climate change.

The Langston Boulevard corridor and its schools are already highly diverse, home to immigrant families who came to Arlington from many countries around the world, making it home to diverse and inclusive neighborhoods.

Langston Boulevard is widely known for being the home of the first integrated school in Virginia and is remembered for its important role in the civil rights movement.

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