Arizona stops Texas offense and ties the World Series

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A dominant job by the pitching staff, combined with a great offense, gave the Arizona Diamondbacks win by 9 runs to 1 over the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field, home of the Texan ninth.

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The run party for Arizona began until the fourth inning, where they opened the scoring through Gabriel Moreno, who scored a solo home run against Rangers starter Jordan Montgomery.

One inning later, the Texans scored with a new home run by Mitch Garver that once again put his team close to tying the score in front of their fans in Ariston, Texas.

From there, Diamondbacks starter Merrill Kelly kept the Texas offense at bay until the seventh inning.when he was relieved, however, his absence was not noticed, since the two relievers who finished the game fulfilled the assigned task.

After that partial advantage, the Arizona team scored twice more in the seventh inning, to make three more runs in the eighth and close the final count in the ninth inning with two more runs that gave the final lock to the scoreboard in Texas.

The win gives the Diamondbacks the opportunity to host the next three games at home. The activities between these two teams will arrive next Monday, October 30, when hostilities restart at Chase Field, in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this way and with a total of 14 hits, The Arizona Diamondbacks continue to give something to talk about in this World Seriessince the forecasts once again gave the Texas Rangers as favorites, who took the victory yesterday.

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