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Ruben Cortes.

Now that the president’s candidate to succeed him was hung up on Ariadna’s femicide, it must be remembered that in those famous “100 Commitments” of his boss the president, when he took office in 2018, none refers to support for women.

And that in the CDMX Budget for 2022, Claudia Sheinbaum approved 206 billion pesos for the promotion and dissemination of her government actions, which is double the money she approved for actions in favor of women.

It is understood then that the capital is the fourth state with the most femicides in the country, only surpassed by the state of Mexico (governed by the PRI Alfredo del Mazo), Nuevo León (Samuel García, from MC) and Veracruz (the morenista Cuitláhuac García ).

Come on, only in the first half of 2022, they viciously killed 45 women in CDMX: that is, they were murdered out of hatred and only because of their status as women. But, suddenly, the Head of Government becomes interested in the crime of the young Ariadna López.

However, it took 81 million 43 thousand 422 pesos from the 11 programs it has for women: in 2021 it had given them 286 million 876 thousand 598 pesos, but for 2022 it approved 205 million 833 thousand 176 pesos. And the biggest cuts were in violence prevention.

He also scissored the resources for civil organizations that present projects to promote the development of women in CDMX: from seven million pesos in 2021, they were left at five million for 2022.

So, about the political group that governs today, we must insist on how badly it has paid women in general (and those of the feminist movements in particular), since they overwhelmingly voted for the current president (27 percent) .

For example, the Federal Budget for 2023, gave 346 thousand 77 million pesos for the attention of women, but only seven percent of that money will be for the attention of violence, although they kill 11 daily: 92 percent is for political issues.

The women of the government themselves justify the cuts. Olga Sánchez asks them to be “understanding with this situation of economic crisis that we are experiencing in the country.” Aha, but they give the Dos Bocas train 789 billion.

And from January to August they killed 600 women with signs of sexual violence, injuries, infamous or degrading mutilations; in addition to 1,905 murdered in intentional homicides.

Hopefully the interest of the head of government in Ariadna’s case means that now she is going to work for women.

That is not flower of a day.

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