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The Argentine activist Milagro Sala was summoned last Saturday for a new trial in the framework of an original complaint that dates back to 2009 and that had already been closed in 2012, the defender’s lawyer, Marcos Aldazabal, reported Monday.


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According to Aldazabal “As in the rest of the cases, here too there are evident irregularities: the original complaint is from 2009, Milagro was not even charged, the case was processed and given the null progress, it was closed in 2012 with a definitive dismissal” .

The lawyer explained that in the new trial they accuse Sala of instigating the theft of a judicial file through a former lawyer. Milagro has been under house arrest for six years. The new case has a single witness: a prisoner for two years and an employee of the provincial government.

“A witness spontaneously presented himself at a prosecutor’s office and accused Milagro Sala of stealing the file: the alleged witness is Pilo Mancilla,” explains the lawyer who denounces, also that “Until today, there is no evidence other than that testimony and even has now provided false or unsupported statements in other cases.”

Aldazabal recalls that “in another case (in which the theft of the file is accused) Mancilla also testified against MS. He was the only witness and the case ended in acquittal. For Milagro Sala to be acquitted in Jujuy, the accusation has to be loose “, he explained.

Mancilla was imprisoned for two years accused of various crimes. He was released in 2017, when Morales had been governor for two years. In this context, he spontaneously appeared before the Justice to denounce Milagro and even pointed out that he had witnessed the burning of the file.

The leader of the Tupac Amaru Neighborhood Organization has been detained since January 16, 2016 after holding a camp in front of the governor’s office to request an audience with then-governor Gerardo Morales.

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