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Members of labor unions and social organizations held a demonstration on Tuesday in front of the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of Argentina in the capital Buenos Aires, to demand the democratization of justice.


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The rally that took place in Plaza Lavalle against what they called the "judicial mafia" occurred on the eve of March 8, when International Women's Day is commemorated, so the speakers were essentially women.

In the activity there were also expressions of solidarity with Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who is subject to a court ruling that disqualified her from running for public office.

The correspondent for teleSUR in Argentina, Juan Carlos Bartolotta, recalled that in the Chamber of Deputies there is a process of impeachment against the four members of the CSJ for reasons of poor performance and/or the eventual commission of crimes in the exercise of their duties. functions.

In an interview with teleSUR, Mara Brawer, national deputy for the ruling Frente de Todos, stressed that "we are here on the eve of 8M, in front of the Palace of Courts, accompanying the request for impeachment and demanding justice with a gender perspective."

"All the compañeras who have spoken tell stories of how justice turned its back on them in their condition as women, either as a food quota for their children, or as working women," she said.

She highlighted how justice affects the daily life of women and men, of diversity "and today especially we are marking how this Supreme Court, this judicial power, works without taking into account a gender perspective and without having a perspective that protect women in their situation of vulnerability”.

The legislator denounced that the dominant economic groups, through what she called the judicial mafia, banned Fernández de Kirchner from participating in electoral politics, "for which we are fighting for Cristina to be a candidate."

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