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The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, exercised her own defense this Friday in the trial of the Vialidad case before the Federal Oral Court 2, within the framework of her final argument, in which she analyzed the reasons why she considers that the accusation of prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola violates the Constitution.


Cristina Fernández will assume self-defense in road cause

Fernández declared that this process against her is an invention staged to bring her to justice at any cost, and added that “since I am accused, but at the same time I am a lawyer, I can make use of this stage of the allegation, due to my character as professional (…) if she had not been a lawyer, she would have been defenseless”.

The vice president asserted that the accusations against her violated the National Constitution because they were based on “decrees approved by Parliament,” and affirmed that the actions of prosecutors and judges in this trial constitute “a clear case of prevarication.”

In addition, he asked the judges to “extract testimonies from each and every one of the facts where, confronting the prosecutor’s statements with the evidence in the case, whether expert, testimonial or documentary, it is shown that the prosecutors Luciani and Mola lied in the closing statement of accusation”.

Fernandez reiterated that “the prosecutors’ accusation violates the Constitution” because a government elected by the people “cannot be considered an illicit association.”

The vice president also indicated that the accusation “has neither head nor tail,” but stressed that it is “profoundly anti-constitutional, anti-republican and anti-federal.”

Similarly, he said that the judges are not the only ones who have the duty to seek justice, but that it is also the task of the assistants of the judicial bodies and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Fernández added that “the people choose the governments, the three governments, the one headed by Néstor Kirchner and those headed by me, were elected by the people. We cannot be an illicit association.”

“Decrees of necessity and urgency approved by Parliament are discussed. This is what we are discussing here. That is why I say that this trial does not have constitutional scaffolding,” he clarified.

The Argentine vice president emphasized that “the incredible lies that the prosecutors developed were dismantled, and the arbitrariness that has been committed in this trial has also been brought to light.”

In this case, Fernández is accused of alleged acts of corruption in the direction of public road works in the province of Santa Cruz, between 2003 and 2015. Previously, prosecutors Luciani and Mola requested a 12-year prison sentence for her. imprisonment and his disqualification for life from holding public office.

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