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The Teachers Association of the City of Buenos Aires (Ademys), in Argentina, marched this Tuesday in rejection of the management of the head of the Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the Minister of Education of the same province, María Soledad Acuña, as well as to demand decent working conditions.


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The organization, which also defended a decent wage and their right to strike, mobilized from the Ministry of Modernization to the Buenos Aires Legislature.

Likewise, it repudiated the action of the Buenos Aires authorities, which offered an additional payment to those people who have not stopped attending their jobs, a measure that the union has considered unfair.

The union denounced that "Acuña returns against the teachers, granting a bonus of 30,000 pesos to those who have never gotten sick, to those who did not have to take care of their children, did not ask to go to the doctor to have a study done" and as manipulation to "stop the strikes”.

In the same way, Ademys insists that it is not true, as María Soledad Acuña alleges, “that the money comes from the discounts to which we made strikes. This money comes from what the Government does not spend on teacher salaries, with incomes below the poverty line.

For her part, the organization's general secretary, Mariana Scayola, stated that the collective's fight also focuses on "an increase in salary equal to the basic family basket per position to end this level of educational precariousness, and against the persecution to the teachers”.

"We reject the attack by Minister Acuña who seeks to limit the right to strike and the use of licenses"; “we reject the labor reform that Larreta and Acuña have been applying”; “all figures to the basic. Enough of work overload”, were one of the main slogans raised.

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