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Argentine teachers led a strike this Friday in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, located in the northwestern part of the country, to demand better wages in the face of rising inflation.


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During the protests, which were joined by workers from sectors such as health, as well as human rights defenders and social and trade union organizations, the rejection of the partial reform of the Jujuy Constitution was also expressed.

The demonstrators - who carried torches, candles, white and colored lights - gathered in the vicinity of the provincial government building and at the union headquarters of the Association of Provincial Educators (ADEP) and the Middle and Higher Education Center (Cedems). .

According to national media, the protests were replicated in other towns in the province such as Monterrico, El Carmen, Humahuaca, Tilcara, Perico, La Quiaca and Libertador San Martín.

The professor of the Provincial School of Arts, Adriana Jerez, declared to Argentine sources that the workers "we are not going to give up, we continue marching for a dignified salary because in Jujuy the decent ones are paid a pittance and the authorities lie to the town with the increases that they impose”.

However, during this session, teachers will analyze the Government's proposal for an initial teacher salary for this month of 175,000 pesos (just over $716), in addition to the incorporation of bonus and non-bonus remuneration.

However, the leaders of Cedems claim to increase the teaching hour to 6,666 pesos. They also demand that the days of unemployment are not deducted, as well as respect for the right to strike.

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