Argentine Senate approves paying the IMF with flight capital | News


The Senate of Argentina approved this Thursday the project to pay the debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with the dollars that escaped abroad, through a project that intends to create a fund from the resources coming from the payments that will be applied on assets located abroad and that have not been declared to the federal tax agency.


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The session was headed by the provisional president of the Senate, Claudia Ledesma Abdala de Zamora, given that Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is in office as a result of President Alberto Fernández’s tour of Europe.

The National Fund for the Cancellation of the Debt with the IMF, an initiative of the official senator Oscar Parrilli, has as its objective the total cancellation of the current or future debt with the IMF, it will be constituted in US dollars and will be valid until the total cancellation occurs. of the debt with the financial institution.

According to the initiative, people residing in the country who are owners of assets located abroad and have not been declared before the tax regulatory authority will be obliged to pay.

The main author of the project, Parrilli, affirmed in the presentation of the legislative project that “there are some who are not going to accompany us because they have doubts and others because they defend the evaders; that each one puts on the suit that corresponds to him.”

Before the vote, Senator José Mayans stated: “What we are dealing with here is how and who should pay the debt. What we do not want is that those who did not pay the debt pay the debt and this is a tool that we are going to vote for.” positively”.

Ultimately, the project was approved with 37 votes in favor and 31 against.

The approved text will now have to be analyzed by the Chamber of Deputies, where it will face greater difficulties in obtaining its approval.

Likewise, the process of control, inspection and supervision of its management will be carried out by the Permanent Bicameral Commission for Monitoring and Control of the Management of Contracting and Payment of the Foreign Debt of the Congress.

In 2019, then-president Mauricio Macri arranged a debt with the IMF, recently restructured with that organization, but with overdue payments that hang over the Argentine economy.

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