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Organizations of the Argentine civil society, grouped in the Self-convocation for the Suspension of the Payment and Investigation of the Debt, will mobilize tomorrow, Thursday, in the middle of the discussion that takes place in the Chamber of Deputies in relation to the ratification of the agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund, which they reject.


Argentine deputies begin debate on the Government and IMF agreement

Starting this Wednesday night, a vigil will take place in front of the headquarters of the Argentine Congress, in a space in which the platform against the payment denounces that "it is an agreement drawn up at the expense of the economic and social well-being of the working people, with the objective of legitimizing and paying for a scam".

This is how they describe the debt taken in 2019 by the then Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, which they value, among others, as "illegitimate, illegal and odious debt", which reaches 45,000 million dollars and which they blame for "feeding the financial speculation".

In this sense, the organizers urge the legislators not to authorize the payment of the debt, as stipulated in the agreement recently reached between the current Government of Alberto Fernández and the IMF, and which must be approved by the Chambers of Deputies and Senators, in the course of this week.

The organizations also denounce that "the IMF violated its own statute and regulations, by granting a loan for a sum much higher than what was authorized, based on the capital of Argentina in the organization, and that clearly the country could not pay within the established terms and amounts".

On the other hand, they denounce that the loan money "was not used for the benefit of the people [ya que] no use of the funds drawn for any kind of social investment, in infrastructure, works, incentives or productive and development investments, generation of employment can be verified or demonstrated" and they explain that "investigations by official control agencies, as well as the statements by the former president [Macri]have shown that it was indeed used for the payment of prior debt claims."

The agreement with the IMF seeks to reschedule and redeem the amount of debt acquired in 2019.

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