Argentine government establishes bonds to combat inflation | News


The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, announced on Tuesday the implementation of a financial bonus for monotributistas, retirees, pensioners, staff of private homes, as well as a tax for unexpected income from companies.


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In the company of the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, the president specified that the income reinforcement for informal workers and private households, monotributistas, is equivalent to 18,000 Argentine pesos, distributed in two installments in the coming months of May and June.

Likewise, in the case of retirees and pensioners, they will be granted an amount of 12,000 pesos, which fee that together with the previous amount of 6,000 pesos totals a balance of 18,000 Argentine pesos.

“These measures are very necessary due to the impact of inflation in the first quarter, we must guarantee that it does not fall into the pockets of Argentines, fundamentally from the most vulnerable sectors, which move in the framework of informality,” said the chief. of the Argentine state.

This decision is part of the political strategies aimed at increasing 50 percent of the Alimentar, increased allocations, advance of parity and bonus of 6,000 Argentine pesos for retirees, retirees and pensioners, implemented during the month of April.

“It is necessary to reinforce the income policy and work collectively to design a mechanism that avoids the impact that the world is experiencing, as it could generate unequal effects,” said Guzmán.

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