Argentine deputies resume political trial against Supreme Court | News

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The Impeachment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies in Argentina meets this Tuesday to continue processing the request for Impeachment against the members of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (CSJN) for the reasons set forth in Art. 53 in the National Constitution, in the context of alleged irregularities in the management of judicial social work.


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The inquiries, which began at 1:00 p.m., were attended by four witnesses to provide statements before the commission. Among them: Héctor Daniel Marchi (CSJN Official), Dr. Santiago Clerici (CSJN Legal Secretary), Nicolás Jacinto Serafini (Public Accountant), and Martina Forns (Federal Judge).

The recently displaced administrator of the highest court spoke two weeks ago before the deputies that make up the commission, but due to the length of his presentation, only the questions of the Frente de Todos (FdT) bloc could be carried out.

For the continuity of his presentation, he was expected to return on Wednesday the 3rd, but since that day he was summoned to testify before the federal judge, Ariel Lijo, it was decided to reschedule his summons to Congress.

On the other hand, the legal secretary of the Supreme Court and the public accountant, in charge of signing the balances of the social work, had excused themselves from attending previous summons and were summoned again.

Meanwhile, the federal judge of San Martín (Buenos Aires), will present her experience as a victim of the handling of judicial social work.

In this thirteenth meeting of the Political Judgment Commission, the news will also be known in relation to the request made to the Federal Justice for the former administrator of the social work, Aldo Tonon, to be summoned to testify by the public force in the face of his repeated unjustified absences .

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