Argentine carriers initiate a 72-hour work stoppage | News


The Union Tranviarios Automotor (UTA) of Argentina began this Tuesday a collective strike for 72 hours in the interior of the country due to the lack of an agreement with the administration within the framework of the salary negotiations that are being carried out, in a context of increased inflation.


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The measure will be interrupted during the day on Wednesday, since it has been declared, in a special way, a holiday for the purpose of carrying out the Population and Housing Census in the southern country.

The strike will resume next Thursday and Friday since the union leaders decided not to go on strike three days in a row in order to provide service during the census.

On Monday, the carriers’ union reported in a statement that “having exhausted all instances of negotiation promoted by the Ministry of Labor of the Nation, the agreement that we have been demanding has not been achieved.”

It was in this context that the UTA blamed “for all the consequences of any union action measure the total refusal to agree on the salaries of passenger transport workers in the interior of the country and to attempt to negotiate salaries different from those of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires”.

The statement continued that the request of the unions “has been clear at all times, pretending only to work, and collect the wages that legitimately correspond to us. We are not going to allow them to condemn us to poverty wages. That is why we ratify the union action measure for 72 hours.”

The negotiations between the drivers’ union and the businessmen were cut short after a new hearing that took place in the Ministry of Labor of the Nation.

The statement came after in early April, the UTA achieved a staggered 50 percent increase in the salary of drivers in the capital’s suburbs, which is also rejected by unions in the interior of the country.

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