Argentina sends humanitarian aid to Cuba after the passage of Hurricane Ian | News

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina reported this Monday that it will send humanitarian aid to Cuba due to the situation that that Caribbean country is going through as a result of the passage of Hurricane Ian.


Cuban President visits community destroyed by Hurricane Ian

Through a statement, the Foreign Ministry of the South American country specified that during this day Cuba will receive 19 boxes of purification tablets, optimal for the sanitation of up to 950,000 liters of water, comparable to what at least 2,000 people can use for a 90 day period.

"This input is essential to collaborate with the response of the Cuban Government to the needs of the population of Pinar del Río, the city most damaged by the climatic phenomenon that affected, above all, the west of the Caribbean country," the text pointed out.

Likewise, the document indicates that the Argentine Government is preparing kitchen kits that will be destined for those who had to be evacuated due to the passage of the meteorological phenomenon through the western end of the country, as part of the actions of collaboration with the response of the Cuban authorities to the needs of the inhabitants of that territory.

The Cuban ambassador to Argentina, Pedro Pablo Prada, thanked the largest of the Antilles for the gesture. Through his account on the social network Twitter, he expressed that "solidarity reinforces the idea that only united can we be saved."

"We are deeply grateful to the Government and people of Argentina that today is sending humanitarian aid to Cuba to support the communities most affected by the passage of Ian," wrote the government representative of Havana in Buenos Aires.

The South American country has processed the shipment of supplies through the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance – White Helmets (Aciah).

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, the Argentine ambassador to Cuba, Luis Ilarregui, and the president of Aciah, Sabina Frederic, have offered to assist the island when necessary.

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