Argentina defeats Poland and qualifies for the World Cup round of 16 | News

The Albiceleste team won this Wednesday 2-0 against Poland on the third date of Group C and qualified for the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, finishing first in the standings and their rival in second place.


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During the first 45 minutes of the match, those led by Lionel Scaloni pressured Poland’s exit and from the first minute they sought to open the scoring with a game associated by the wings between Di María, Messi and Álvarez, who reached the opposite goal with danger.

After 8 minutes, Messi received a through ball and fired a powerful shot straight at the goal, but the ball deflected a few centimeters over the crossbar. Argentina insisted with a clear marking on the field, Enzo Fernández filtered a ball inside the area for Di María, but the Polish defense managed to clear the ball.

La Albiceleste kept up high pressure in the rival field and got several arrivals, but the Polish goalkeeper repeatedly managed to clear the ball. At minute 39, a penalty was ruled in favor of Argentina and Messi went to collect it, but goalkeeper Szczęsny saved the shot and saved it from falling into his goal.

Minutes later, an overflow down the right flank and Fernández fired a very strong shot straight at the goal, but the goalkeeper cleared the ball that was left to Álvarez with his fists, who crossed the goal, Szczęsny cleared the ball again and with the 0 – 0 They went to rest of the first half.

In the complementary part, Argentina maintained their level and after 46 minutes the first goal of the match came after a pass from Molina and Alexis Mac Allister opened the scoring in favor of the Albiceleste. For their part, Poland had no reaction to the goal.

At minute 67 the second goal fell after a qualification by Enzo Fernández and from long distance Álvarez finished off directly on goal, conceding the second goal of the commitment with which Argentina secured their qualification to the next phase of the World Cup.

Poland did not have depth and did not create a goal threat in Martínez’s goal during the 90 minutes, with the Albiceleste being superior to the Poles. However, this did not prevent them from reaching the round of 16 as second in Group C.

Next Saturday Argentina will face Australia, while on Sunday Poland will face France.