Argentina. Alberto Fernández and Javier Milei hold their first transition meeting

Argentina. Alberto Fernández and Javier Milei hold their first transition
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The transition stage towards the new government, which will take the reins on December 10 in Argentina, It was inaugurated this Tuesday with a meeting of almost two and a half hours between the current president, Alberto Fernández, and the elected president, Javier Milei, at Quinta de Olivos, the presidential residence.

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The leader of the La Libertad Avanza party arrived at the presidential residence, located in the province of Buenos Aires north of the capital, after 8:15 local time and left around 11:07 local time in a private vehicle.

An official statement from the Presidency of Argentina reported that "the meeting took place at the Olivos presidential residence with the aim of beginning the institutional transition process between the teams designated by both in the different areas of government."

The meeting between the president-elect and the outgoing Peronist president was scheduled for 8:30 in the morning. The official information, accompanied by a photograph that shows Fernández and Milei serious, sitting in a gallery on the fifthdetails that the meeting was "with the aim of beginning the institutional transition process between the teams designated by both in the different areas of government."

The two-paragraph text confirmed that Fernández was the host of the meeting with Milei, who will assume his constitutional functions at the head of the National Executive Branch as of December 10. Milei traveled to the meeting from the Hotel Libertador, where she has established her campaign 'bunker' with Nicolás Posse, a prominent figure in her team and possible Chief of Staff.

The second round of the presidential elections led Milei to victory last Sunday, beating the official candidate and current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. This Monday, Massa presented the team that will lead the economic transition.

With 99.28% of the tables scrutinized and a participation of 76.31%, Milei obtained around 14.5 million votes, representing 55.69%, while Massa, the candidate of Unión por la Patria (Peronism), achieved 11.5 million of votes, that is, 44.30%.

The transition in Argentina is observed with great expectation, especially in the stock and currency markets, since there were increases in Argentine companies both in Merval and on Wall Street. Milei, a libertarian economist who advocates the dollarization of the economy and the closure of the Central Bank, has generated uncertainty regarding the economic policies that will be implemented.

In the midst of a delicate economic situation, with a year-on-year inflation of 142.7%, 40.1% poverty and an exchange gap of 200%, The country awaits urgent measures to restore stability and meet the expectations of radical change expressed by society in the elections.


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