Argentina agrees with China to build its fourth nuclear power plant | News

Argentina and China signed a contract this Wednesday for the construction of the fourth nuclear power plant in the South American country, for an investment of 8.3 billion dollars, according to official sources.


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The signatures of the agreement correspond to the state-owned Argentine Nucleoelectric Company (NA-SA) and the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). The contract was made virtually this Tuesday between the directors of the signing companies, José Luis Antúnez (Argentina) and Yu Jianfeng (China).

Atucha III, the name given to the new plant, will have a nominal gross electrical power of 1,200 megawatts (MW). In turn, it will be installed at the Atucha Nuclear Complex in Lima, in the province of Buenos Aires. Its life expectancy is around sixty years.

The nuclear power plant will use advanced technological mechanisms, starting with the installation of a HPR-1000 type reactor, supplied by enriched uranium and cooled by light water.

Argentina installed in 1974, the first nuclear power plant in Latin America. Three currently operate (Atucha I and II, also in Lima, and Embalse, in Córdoba), which produce 7.5 percent of the electricity.

According to the director of NA-SA, José Luis Antúnez, Atucha III will allow the South American country to “supply the electricity demand with basic, clean, safe and sustainable energy, and combat the effects of climate change that affects the planet.”