Are Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad separated? José Eduardo Derbez, son of the actress, clarifies it

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Recently, rumors have spread about a possible separation between actress Victoria Ruffo and politician Omar Fayad. Rumors suggested that the couple had made the decision to divorce, which generated speculation and concern among their followers. However, Victoria Ruffo's son, José Eduardo Derbez, son of the famous comedian Eugenio Derbez, came out to categorically deny this information.

The rumors of the Alleged separation between Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad emerged in recent days, creating a stir on social networks and in the media. The news of a possible breakup between the iconic actress and the Mexican politician took many by surprise, since This is a couple that has kept their relationship away from the spotlight and public attention..

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Speculation about their divorce generated concern and curiosity among their followers, who wondered if there really was a crisis in the couple's relationship. Given this situation, José Eduardo Derbez, Victoria Ruffo's son, decided to clarify the situation and deny the rumors.

The statement of José Eduardo Derbez

José Eduardo Derbez, who He is known for his closeness with his mother, Victoria Ruffo., and her stepfather, Omar Fayad, spoke out about the separation rumors in a recent interview. In his statements, the young actor made it clear that, according to the information he has, There is no basis in the divorce rumors.

"I talk to the two of them every day and they haven't told me anything, so I suppose that if it were true they would tell me, so I don't believe it and they wouldn't have to hide it from me," said José Eduardo Derbez. His words emphasize the close relationship he maintains with his parents and his ability to talk openly about important topics.

Derbez also highlighted that, although his mother and Omar Fayad are not people who constantly share details of their lives on social networks, this does not imply that they are going through a crisis in their relationship. According to him, the couple see each other regularly and maintain a close relationship, especially when it comes to their children.

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A solid relationship and a united family

José Eduardo Derbez, in his interview, highlighted the strength of the relationship between Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad. He stated that the couple He speaks daily and that their relationship is close and loving.. In addition, he highlighted the importance of the relationship they have forged with their children.

"Well, they are my family, I know them, they do see each other, they do talk, they talk every day, they have a very nice relationship with their children, so I think they would tell me if they were going to get divorced," explained José Eduardo. His closeness to his family allows him to have a privileged view of the situation, and his statements seem to indicate that there is no reason to worry about his parents' relationship.

A friendship that transcends

Victoria Ruffo's son also addressed the possibility that, in a hypothetical case of separation, the relationship between him and Omar Fayad would remain intact. "But Omar has also served, because as your second father, he has also been a very important image for you," they asked him in the interview.

José Eduardo answered sincerely: "Yes, of course, and if at some point they were to separate, then he would continue to be a great friend and accomplice."


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