Archdiocese promotes charity for peacebuilding

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Currently, the primate archdiocese of Mexico carries out the so-called Megamission Mexico City 2023 with the purpose of spiritually and materially helping those most in need and thus contributing to the generation of peace.

The actions of the Megamission began on October 22 of this year and will conclude until November 26.

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During this time, women and men volunteers in coordination with Catholic bodies will carry out socio-charitable activities that influence the dignity of marginalized people.

The CDMX 2023 Megamission focuses its activities this year on three fundamental themes: Charity, which seeks to strengthen the construction of peace in communities, promoting the dignity of people, in the face of realities such as poverty, marginalization and the migration. The Health environment, which seeks to provide support in terms of emotional, spiritual and physical health, as an integral part of human and family dignity and development. And the environment of Ecology, with which we are invited to participate in actions that raise awareness about the care and conservation of our environment," detailed this Sunday in the editorial of the Catholic weekly Desde la Fe.

Additionally and from social networks, The archdiocese organizes various conferences that address topics such as becoming peacemakers; the negative effects of addictions, the relevance of emotional health in people, how to prevent suicide, depression and carrying out actions in favor of the environment in temples.

It is within this framework that the Catholic Church once again demanded that society work for the benefit of all regardless of the divisions that exist.

The call of the archdiocese asks to bet on people's peace of mind and not on money.

We call on the faithful, society and government authorities to be promoters of peace, to put aside divisions and work for the good of all, mainly those who live in realities of anxiety and suffering around us, often in front of our eyes and even in our own home. We are convinced that by placing our trust and hope in God, we will find peace. It will not be by relying on money, power or pleasure, obsessions that have caused division, as well as a profound loss of values ​​that, together, have perverted our society. Let us choose peace, and let us work for it, because our future as humanity depends on it," the text stressed.



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