Arbitrary detentions, widespread practice in Mexico: UN

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The arrests arbitrary remain a widespread practice in Mexico and too often they lead to mistreatment, torture, forced disappearances and executions, warned United Nations experts (UN).

After concluding a 12-day visit to the country, the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention declared that despite the recommendations of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the excessive use of detention persists. preventive detention in Mexicowhich remains mandatory under the Constitution for an extensive list of crimes.

The envoys of United Nations They presented the preliminary results of their trip, in which they detected that there are reprisals against human rights defenders and people of indigenous origin for defending their territories.

They pointed out that the Armed Forces, the National Guard, and state and municipal security agencies are frequently involved in arbitrary detentions.

"They lack the civilian and independent controls necessary to ensure prevention and accountability."

They stressed that excessive use of force is very common, from the moment of arrest until the person is brought before the judicial authorities.

“In many cases, torture and other forms of ill-treatment are inflicted to obtain confessions and incriminating statements,” they indicated.

The working group of the UN He also pointed out that the Federal Executive branch puts pressure on judges, particularly when they have declared their legislative initiatives unconstitutional.

"More broadly, the federal judiciary is facing harsh budget cuts, reportedly of up to 20 percent. Such measures undermine the judiciary's ability to carry out its work independently, without fear or favor. "The Working Group is concerned that this has contributed to the persistence of a large number of cases of arbitrary detentions at both the federal and state levels," he added.

The delegation of the UNmade up of members Matthew Gillett, Ganna Yudkivska and Miriam Estrada-Castillo, visited Mexico City, Nuevo León and Chiapas.

During their stay in national territory, they met with authorities, judges, human rights commissions, representatives of civil society and other interested actors.

The delegation visited 15 places of deprivation of liberty and interviewed numerous detainees.

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