Arab countries call for the departure of illegal foreign troops from Syria | News

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The foreign ministers of Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt assured that the solution to the political crisis in Syria involves the departure of "all illegal foreign forces" from the Arab nation, while asking the rest of the Middle East to support the return of Damascus to the regional arena.


Syria and Oman discuss development of bilateral relations

Meeting this Monday in Amman, (Jordanian capital) with their Syrian counterpart, Faisal al-Mekdad, the foreign ministers of the aforementioned countries seek a way out of the crisis in that country that will allow, in turn, their return to the Arab League before of the summit on May 19 in Riyadh (Saudi capital).

In a joint statement at the end of the consultative meeting in Amman, the quartet indicated that "in order to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis" there should be an "exit of all illegal foreign forces from Syria, in a way that achieves reconciliation and restore the security, stability, well-being and role" of the country.


The Arab nations noted that they must "work to support Syria and its institutions in any legitimate effort to extend their control over their lands, impose the rule of law, end the presence of armed groups and terrorists on Syrian lands and stop the foreign interference in the internal affairs of Syria".

The purpose of the meeting is to address the Jordanian initiative to reach a political solution to the conflict in Syria, whose membership of the organization was suspended more than a decade ago.

The meeting comes about two weeks after another meeting on Syria between the heads of diplomacy from Jordan, Iraq and Egypt and their colleagues from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), made up of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Oman

At the end of the meeting, the foreign ministers agreed on the need to "establish the necessary mechanisms" to solve the crisis, as well as "intensify consultations between Arab countries to guarantee the success of these efforts."

Over the last few years, some of the nations in the region have begun to unfreeze their relations with Syria; however, the earthquakes of February 6 were the ones that seem to have driven the rapprochement.

In the context of this Monday's meeting in the Jordanian capital, it was also learned that the Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal Al-Mekdad, previously exchanged with his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Al-Safadi, on bilateral issues such as border security, the water and refugees

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