Apple will invest $450 million to enable sending of emergency messages via satellite

Apple plans to accelerate the deployment of Emergency SOS by investing $450 million and creating partnerships with US satellite companies.

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Apple reported that it will invest $450 million in US satellite companies with the aim of launching Emergency SOS its emergency messaging system available for users with iPhone 14.

The company indicated that most of the capital will go to Globalstar, a company based in Louisiana which operates a fleet of satellites that are compatible with the Apple system.

They noted that the investments will not imply that Apple acquires a share package of the companies. The investments are aimed at equipment and service operations, which in short means paying for the satellites to remain operational and have special antennas so that they can work in conjunction with the latest version of the iPhone.

Apple’s announcement comes after in September it presented the Emergency SOS function, through which users who have an iPhone 14 can send an emergency message via satellite. At the time they explained that the idea is that this function can be used when users are in remote areas that do not have coverage for calls or data connection and there is some type of accident that requires the presence of emergency equipment. Although several months have passed since its introduction, Emergency SOS is not yet available to Apple users.

Something to keep in mind is that Apple highlighted that Emergency SOS would be completely free for a period of two years. However, it is expected that after this time this function will become a subscription.

Regarding the agreement with Globalstar, Apple commented that they will have more than 300 employees who will work in the service, in call centers that are in charge of processing users’ emergency messages. The idea behind these significant investments is also to show that Apple prefers to invest in local companies rather than save money with international suppliers, something that many have accused the company of for years.

For the moments Apple has not offered information about what could be the tentative date for Emergency SOS to be operational in the United States..

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