Apple TV+ renews "For All Mankind"the space race

Apple TV+ renews "For All Mankind"the space race
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Today begins the fourth season of the series in which we see the stories of travelers in space and their impact on Earth with a variation: what would have happened if the Russians, and not the Americans, had been the first to set foot on Earth? Moon? Four seasons later, already installed on Mars, sharing and distributing what they can between countries and private initiatives on the red planet, new challenges arrive for the protagonists. MILENIO spoke with the writers and producers of the series to give us their point of view. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Apple TV (@appletv) Ronald D. Moore is the executive producer and creator, and he tells us about the creative process that brings the series to where it is: “It all starts in the writers' room, like all seasons. We come in with an idea of ​​what the show should be, and that can change. Then you have to create new sets, costumes and spaceships. You also have to age the cast that is still here and get the new one,” he told us. Maril Davies, executive producer, spoke to us about the difficulty of saying goodbye to such beloved members of the first seasons to look to the future: “It's always very difficult; You don't know the debates, the text messages that I get, even from my family, when we have to kill some of the characters. It's always difficult, what's nice about it is that we always have people trying to guess. There are shows where you know they're not going to kill off the main cast, so that sense of danger isn't always there; With us this makes it more authentic and generates fear. But it's always sad, we love our entire cast.”The fourthThis season has the story of an asteroid with which you must interact in some way, a story that was already written before NASA's announcement about the proximity of one in May , even in recent days spectacular images of it have been achieved with the Lucy spacecraft. Very similar things happen in this season of “For All Mankind”, all written long before these events. To this Moore commented: “It's incredible to see these kinds of things that happen by coincidence. Dealing with an asteroid now is something we had talked about a long time ago and it is fantastic that NASA is finally getting samples of one, and that the idea of ​​going to mine it is already in the talks. It is certainly good for our idea of ​​what a larger expedition into space could be.”Another very interesting coincidence is seeing the history of how private initiative already competes, and sometimes beats nations, in space exploration. Matt Wolpert, "showrunner" of the series explains to us: “We have to be informed about what happens in real life, for us it was much easier to get to it from the character's point of view. And since there are many new types of human labor in this world, we also wanted to portray what would happen to social movements in this regard. Especially those of the 20th century and how capitalism viewed these demands for rights. Starting over on Mars gave us a lot to talk about.” Unavoidable, of course, to ask about the recently ended strikes of actors and writers in this context: “Strangely, all this happened before the strikes,” Ben Nedevi also clarified. "showrunner"–. I remember when it started, Matt and I worried that people would think we were in trouble. But no, to have the special effects on time, you have to write everything a long time in advance. We had no idea that there would be strikes by writers and actors.” There is not only material for science fiction fans since this is also a drama with characters who experience great emotions. In this regard, Ben Nedevi reflected on another of his favorite things about the series, which has to do with the news surrounding the reality of the characters. A John Lennon who is still alive, a Soviet Union that falls and fights to return: “Everything is connected, we are always covering our alternate history with things that really happened. For me and Ben, the most exciting thing about these characters is that we're already so far along the life line, and to see where they started and how far they've come: from young father to grumpy old man from space, or the woman who has fought to enter to the fourth, then she is the boss of the place and now she has been expelled from it.” Returning to the topic of that asteroid, Matt closed the talk with a laugh, after telling us: “I've started to think that NASA put microphones in our meeting room. writers. There are too many coincidences.”KeyJoel Kinneman and Wren Schmit return with their roles as Ed Baldwin and Margo Madison as well as Coral Peña as Aleida Rosales and Krys Marshall as Danielle PooleThe AppleTV Plus series, which began in 1969, is now discovering the alternate reality 1995.YVI

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