Apple and Google join forces to prevent unauthorized tracking with AirTags

Recently, Apple and Google have proposed creating a standard and best practice guide to prevent unsolicited use of tracking devices.. This initiative arises as a result of the misuse that some users have made of Apple AirTags, which are used to track objects such as keys, backpacks and other devices.

Although AirTags aim to make people's lives easier, in some cases, they have been used to track other people without their consent.. This has raised concerns about the privacy and security of users, especially in cases of stalking or domestic violence.

For this reason, Apple and Google have decided to join forces to create a standard that establishes clear guidelines on the responsible use of tracking devices. The idea is to promote the use of technologies that respect the privacy of users and prevent unauthorized use of these devices.

Besides, this initiative is expected to encourage the creation of safer and more efficient tracking devices, which allow users to maintain control over their data and privacy at all times. With this standard, users can be confident that the devices they use comply with security and privacy standards.

criminal uses

It is important to note that misuse of AirTags is not an isolated problem. In fact, authorities have investigated dozens of cases in which these devices have been used to commit crimes such as high-end vehicle thefts or to harass people, mostly women.

For example, in one case in Australia, a woman discovered an AirTag in her car after someone tried to steal it. In another case in the United States, a woman received an alert that an unknown AirTag was following her and later discovered that her ex-partner had planted the device in her car.

These are just a few examples of how AirTags have been used irresponsibly, resulting in has raised concerns about user privacy and security. For this reason, the proposal by Apple and Google to create a standard and a guide to good practices is very necessary, since it will help to establish clear guidelines for the responsible use of these devices.

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