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Francisco Garfias.

It was clear that in the appointments of his collaborators, President López Obrador does not take into account the academic degree, the knowledge, or the experience that they may have in the position he entrusts to them. What counts, for him, is the closeness, the countryman, the loyalty.

Commenting in the morning on the disputed appointment of Javier May from Tabasco as director of Fonatur – in charge of the Mayan Train project – the president made a pathetic apology for ignorance.

He said verbatim:

“Javier May is a working person, from the countryside. He was very questioned because it turns out that he did not finish his degree. Of the three best presidents in Mexico, there is one who studied up to basic education and was a great president, and one of the worst presidents in history has studied, they have graduated from Harvard. That is not decisive.”

Lázaro Cárdenas is the president who received an elementary education, before joining the Mexican revolution, which marked the beginning of his military career.

Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Felipe Calderón graduated from Harvard. The first as a doctor in political economy and the second has a master’s degree in Public Administration from the prestigious university.

“Not because I am a scientist –said AMLO– I am going to be a politician, no; I am an intellectual and I am going to be a politician, no. When intellectuals get involved with politicians, well, there is the case of Vargas Llosa, and Krauze, imagine saying that Díaz Ordaz murdered more people than Porfirio Díaz.”

The president’s words should not surprise. His grades in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at UNAM were mediocre. Although he finished his degree in 4 years, it took him 14 to graduate.


Despite the fact that the “tithe” that Delfina Gómez charged to workers in the municipality of Texcoco was investigated, documented and sanctioned by the TEPJF, President López Obrador and Senator Higinio Martínez do not stop repeating that the head of the SEP is honest, worthy and an example for Mexicans.

Higinio, a member of the aforementioned Political Action Group that, according to the INE, benefited from the “voluntary” robbery, agreed with AMLO that behind the disqualifications of the teacher there is an environment of “media lynching”, prior to the governor’s elections. in the State of Mexico.

The amount of the tithe discounted in the municipality is 13 million 752 thousand 414 pesos, although the fine imposed on Morena does not even reach a third: 4.5 million pesos.

Delfina’s “honesty” was questioned yesterday by Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity. This organization released a video in which it discloses the “evidence” of the tithe discounted to Texcoco workers.

The document highlights that in the DIF of the State of Mexico, which at that time was directed by Alejandro Gómez Álvarez, Delfina’s brother, the “tithe” was also withheld from its workers. His signature appears on check policies obtained by the INE.

“In policies and in checks from the City Council of Texcoco, some signed by Delfina Gómez herself, it is stated that one of her assistants, María Victoria Anaya Campos, received – from February 2013 to February 2015 – more than 10.8 million pesos from the tithe withheld from workers.

“Sara Iveth Rosas Rosas, who was then a member of Morena, also received part of the money withheld from the Texcoco workers,” he points out.

MCCI publishes a list of others involved in the tithe: Horacio Duarte Olivares, current administrator general of Customs; Alberto Martínez Miranda, former treasurer in the municipality and brother of Higinio, who is identified in the INE file as the leader of the Political Action Group.

“María Victoria Anaya Campos, currently director of the area in the Ministry of Welfare and Sara lveth Rosas Rosas, councilor in Texcoco.”


The morenista Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies, is obsessed with the electoral advisers Lorenzo Córdova, president, and Ciro Murayama.

The brunette, who recently filed a criminal complaint against the directors who voted to postpone the work for the Revocation of the Mandate, threw away the stitch of requesting, in the session of the Permanent Commission, the resignation of both directors.

“They are no longer referees, but opposition actors who have lost their way… they need to join a party to act as political actors,” he said.


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