AO reaches 157 Violet Points. 355 women have been treated: Lía Limón

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In Alvaro Obregón Every woman at risk has a safe havenstated Mayor Lía Limón after installing Violet Point number 157 so far in her government, in the Olivar del Conde Segunda Seccion branch, of the Coppel company, with which she signed an agreement.

Since the beginning of the current administration, At the Álvaro Obregón Violeta Points, 355 women have been assisted, In 206 of these cases a purple code was generated: 105 with the intervention of the Contacto Mujer patrol.

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To others 78 women at risk were provided with counseling and 23 were transferred to the Allied Line. Additionally, 149 women received violence prevention information.

These figures show that any woman “If you are experiencing a risk situation, you can go to our Violeta Points and there you will find the protection and protection you are looking for”said the PAN councilor.

He added that These spaces have a protocol for the care of women who ask for help; with safe sites “where they will take shelter while they receive the help they require” by qualified personnel.

Likewise, the AO now has the “Violet Points” App for mobile phones, where you will find the location of the nearest shelters, as well as information on prevention against gender violence.

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Since its launch in January of this year, in The App is already loaded with about 500 Violet Pointsnot only from Álvaro Obregón, but also from the mayors Benito Juárez and Miguel Hidalgoas well as the municipality of Naucalpan.

The PAN member expressed that, with this, Álvaro Obregón reaffirms his government's commitment to women, girls and boys.

“For them we will continue working 24/7 so that no girl, adolescent, woman or older adult in our mayor's office feels in danger again and does not know where to turn for support.” concluded Lía Limó

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