Anya Taylor-Joy marries her boyfriend Malcolm McRae in Venice

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News that has surprised and happy fans of the talented actress Anya Taylor-Joy: She got married this weekend in a charming ceremony in Venice! The 27-year-old star and her husband Malcolm McRae, 28, have kept their relationship private, but now they have taken a big step in their love story.

The magical wedding took place at The Palazzo Pisani Moretta, a stunning palace that is located in the heart of Venice, right on the banks of the majestic Grand Canal. More than 150 guests gathered to celebrate this emotional moment, including some notable celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne, Julia Garner, Nicolas Hoult, Keleigh Sperry (Miles Teller's wife), Evan Rossand of course, Julia and Cara, who shared this special day with the happy couple.

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One of the most notable surprises of the wedding was the outfit chosen by Anya Taylor-Joy. Instead of opting for the traditional white dress, the actress dazzled everyone with a dress in a soft beige tone adorned with applications and embroidery in the shape of birds and flowers. Her choice reflected the bride's unique personality and distinctive style, which has captivated audiences around the world.

The relationship of Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae has been a topic of great interest for the media and fans, largely due to the discretion with which they carried out their romance. The couple began dating in May 2021, but their engagement was kept secret for some time. Although the exact date of their engagement is not known, believed to have occurred around June 2022.

Who is Malcolm McRae, Anya Taylor-Joy's husband?

It is natural to wonder who is the lucky man who has conquered the heart of Anya Taylor-Joy. Malcolm McRae, 28, is a talented actor and musician. Although has had supporting roles in films, his true passion lies in music. He plays guitar and piano, and his love for musical genres such as pop, folk and rock It is reflected in his band called "More", in which he collaborates with Kane Ritchotte. Together, they have released an EP that has received critical acclaim.

The love story between Malcolm and Anya began in early 2021. Initially, they kept their relationship private, but speculation about their romance began to surface when they were seen together in Los Angeles in July 2021. Finally, in September of that same year, They confirmed their relationship when they were photographed kissing in public during a trip to Venice, a city that now has even more special meaning for the couple.

2022 was an important year for Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae's relationship. In March of that year, They made their first official appearance as a couple on the red carpet at the Oscars after party organized by Vanity Fair. It was a highlight moment that confirmed his love and her commitment. Additionally, in June 2022, rumors began to circulate about a possible secret wedding, although nothing was confirmed at the time.

However, last week, on September 26, Anya and Malcolm attended the Dior catwalk together at Paris Fashion Week. During the event, Anya introduced Malcolm as her "her husband", sparking speculation about whether this had been her second wedding and whether they had already been married for almost a year.

Regardless of the details, what is clear is that Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae are deeply in love and happy to begin this new stage of their lives together. The wedding in Venice was a magical moment that will remain engraved in their hearts and in the memories of those who had the privilege of sharing it with them.


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