Anuel AA's ex has a boyfriend and we are not talking about Karol G

The whole world has said that all Astrid Cuevas's war with Anuel AA is because she is still in love with him. The same thing that was said for a long time about the also ex of the reggaetonero, Carol G.. But the mother of the trap singer's son has left everyone on a heel by showing on instagram to her new boyfriend.

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It is not known for how long Astrid Cuevas and her new love are a coupleBut she does look very much in love. She recently the sister of Yailin The Most Viralcurrent wife of anuel aa, had sent a message to the Puerto Rican for allegedly messing with her sister. Let us also remember that Yailin and Pablo Anuel have already lived together.

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But astridWho else has denounced Anuel AA in court for custody of his son, showed that at least publicly, the former de Karol G is not in love still. Now she has a new and young man who also seems to get along very well with the little one in the house.

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It must also be remembered that when the breakup of Anuel and La Bichota was announced, a video appeared where they supposedly appeared Anuel and Astrid together. Later, the ex-sister-in-law of the urban genre singer said that he had looked for her sister and that he also called her when she was in relationship with Carol G.

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The truth is anuel aa is about to give a little sister to Pablo Anuel AA and perhaps his mother will not take long to order the stork either because she was in love, and much, she saw herself.

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