Anuel AA had his daughter Gianella as a special guest at one of his concerts | VIDEO

Anuel AA, urban genre singer, arriving at an NBA All-Star game.

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At 30, the Puerto Rican singer anuel aa He has starred in several scandals related to his artistic career and love life, his paternity being one of the most controversial issues. And it is that a few weeks after welcoming Cattleya, the daughter she had with her ex Yailin, the most viral of hers, she recognized another daughter, a little girl named Gianella.

And everything seems to indicate that the interpreter of "La Jeepeta" is more than willing to make the daughter he had with the model Melissa Vallecilla participate in the important moments of his life. Proof of this is the most recent sighting of the little girl and her former partner in one of the famous's presentations.

last weekend, Anuel AA sang in Houston, Texas in the United States and invited Gianella and her mother to her show. It was the Colombian who shared two audiovisuals through her social networks in which the baby can be seen enjoying her father's show.

"Gianella, seeing you happy is my only goal, my dancer," wrote Melissa Vallecilla along with one of the videos, making it clear that her coexistence with Anuel AA is aimed at the well-being of the daughter they have in common.

As expected, the images did not go unnoticed by the public and became the topic of conversation on social networks, especially after the reggaeton player himself shared the first photos with the little girl.

However, this has not been the only feat that has earned him to headline the headlines of various publications, since he recently opened up in a topic dedicated to his ex-partner, Karol G. In the topic entitled "Better than me", Anuel AA told her: “We haven't eaten in a while, you already have a boyfriend, I miss you. He doesn't understand you like I understand you and he doesn't even put it in you like I do. It will never be better than me, no, not even writing down my little tricks on paper”.

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