Anuel AA demands Heat Awards to take Tekashi 6ix9ine out of the hotel in Punta Cana or he doesn't sing

Anuel AA, urban genre singer, at the 2019 Latin American Music Awards.

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Now the tangana was armed or at least it is close to what happened. It turns out that Yailin La Más Viral will debut tomorrow at the Heat Awards to take place in Punta Cana. The program of Univision, El Gordo and La Flacais in the Dominican Republic and, from there, they told all the details with the arrival of anuel aa to rehearsals.

the reporter of univision, Pamela Monte assured that Karol G's ex is very upset. He says that the exponent of hip hop and former friend of Tekashi 6ix9ineand the Dominican Yailin La Más viral, they are together in the same hotel in Punta Cana. To the anuel aa found out, he would have called the production of the Heat Awards 2023 to say that if they didn't change Tekashi 69 from the hotel, he wouldn't know how to sing.

This would be the first time live Yailin independently. In the past he did small concerts and always being next to the performer of "Legends Don't Die" and “Richer Than Yesterday”. the chivirika He already tested sound and was seen very safe on stage. Tomorrow will perform his most recent hit “Solo Tú y Yo” with Shadow Blow.

Anuel AA, Yailin La Más Viral and Karol G at the Heat Awards

For days, the expectation for Thursday, June 8. Day that this Latin music festival will take place. When they unveiled the poster of artists, those from urban genre they set the tone.

But upon learning that anuel aa, Yailin The Most Viral and also, The Bichota Karol G, they would be at the same ceremony, the expectation increased. First, because for sure it is not well known what the current situation is between the Puerto Rican and the Dominican. And second, because the Colombian is the ex that the singer did not fail to mention in his most recent tour "The Legends Never Die“.

The interpreter of “Provenza”, “El Makinon”, “Bichota” and “Mañana Será Más Bonito” usually arrives, sings and leaves. Just like she did in the past Awards Latin Grammy In Las Vegas. So it is not surprising that this time the same thing happens and neither matches the other.

Anuel AA and the conflicts he has had with Tekashi 6ix9ine

Both the trap singer and the hip hop singer had mutual affection and admiration for each other. Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, as his real name is anuel composed a song together with Daniel Hernández, first name of Tekashi 69called BABY in 2018.

Subsequently, both were arrested and taken to prison, anuel aa for illegal possession of weapons and tekashi for various crimes that included abuse of minors and sale of heroin, among others. When the rapper of Mexican origin was detained, he collaborated with the authorities and thus managed to reduce his sentence.

However, the fact that he ratted out his friends from Nine Trey represented a betrayal in anuel aa: Although the singer born in Puerto Rico did not belong to them, he did not like the fact that he "delivered" his friends.

“…Business will never go above my ethics. All my life I was a criminal. There will be no featuring, my brother is imprisoned for a chota, I was imprisoned for a chota "he said in an interview in 2019.

Up to the time of closing this note, neither the representatives of anuel aanor the producers of heat awards to confirm or deny this information.

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