Antonela Roccuzzo, Messi's wife, celebrated her 35th birthday with soccer players' wives and friends

Antonella Roccuzo and Lionel Messi have been married for six years.

Photo: JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images

This February 26, Antonela Roccuzzo celebrated her birthday and she did it with a great party in Barcelona.

The Argentine turned 35, and although her husband Lionel Messi was not there to accompany her, her family and friends were there, many of whom are WAGs with whom she has established a good relationship.

In attendance: Romery Ventura, wife of jordi Sunrise; Coral Simanovichcouple of Sergi Robert; Elena Galleyof Busquets andDaniella semanwife Cesc Fabregas.

The decoration of the place was embarked by many balloons of different colors, ranging from gold to purple.

It was also possible to see an impressive three-story cake that was adorned with a 'magical' oil lamp, “Arabian Nights” style, and of course the large number 35 to represent the age of the honoree.

"Celebrating years of love and so many unforgettable memories. I wish you happiness today and a lifetime of joy as you deserve! impossible to love you moreLet's dance," wrote the Lebanese model Daniela.

Messi was not present because he was in Marseille with PSG where he played his Ligue 1 game against Olympique.

Messi's new mark: The Argentine star reached a hundred more goals in the French Classic

The rout of Paris Saint-Germain in Marseille not only left a new mark for Kylian Mbappébut also one for Lionel Messi, who with his goal in the 0-3 win over Marseille in the French Classic, he reached 700 goals for his personal account at the club level in professional football.

After scoring the second goal for the Parisian team at the Stade Vélodrome, the world champion soccer player reached the new mark in his successful career. It was 29 minutes into the first half when PSG's number 7, Kylian Mbappé, faced from the left, raised his head and gave the world champion the goal so that he pushed the ball to the end of the goal without much problem.

With this action, the Argentine star sealed an impressive average of almost a goal per gamesince the 700 goals have been scored in 840 games, which is equivalent to at 0.83 points per game.

This was the footballer's 28th goal with Paris Saint-Germain since 2021, the year he joined the French team, after 17 seasons with Barcelona, where scored 672 goals between 2004 and 2021.

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