Antich (Òmnium) demands a coordinated and "serious" negotiation with the State for the amnesty

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The president of Òmnium, Xavier Antich, has demanded from the pro-independence parties a coordinated and "serious" negotiation with the State to achieve amnesty and self-determination, at the entity's event for the Diada in Barcelona, ​​which was attended by president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. He said it accompanied by the members of the Òmnium board, among whom the vice presidents Mònica Terribas, Marina Gay and Marta Garsaball stand out; the secretary, Jordi Arcarons, and the members Quim Forn and David Fernàndez, in an event held at the Arc de Trimof in Barcelona with around 400 attendees. "If there is strategic coincidence, which there is, it cannot be that tactical diversity makes it impossible to work together to achieve it," he stated, adding that the amnesty is only the first step and that the objective is self-determination through a referendum recognized by the international community. Antich has stated that the independence movement has an unprecedented opportunity that it must take advantage of, with parliamentary arithmetic and with a State "that is forced" to politically address the situation in Catalonia, amnesty and self-determination. It has estimated that there are 4,400 people currently convicted, tried or investigated for issues related to the independence movement, of which 1,432 could benefit from a hypothetical amnesty law that would recognize that "the facts for which they are being investigated are not a crime but an exercise of Fundamental rights". VERGÉS, CAMPUZANO, VILALTA AND BORRÀS The act was attended by the First Vice President of Parliament, Alba Vergés; the Minister of Social Rights, Carles Campuzano and the second secretary of the Parliamentary Committee, Aurora Madaula. They have done so together with the deputy general secretary and ERC spokesperson, Marta Vilalta; the president of Junts, Laura Borràs; the general secretary, Josep Turull; the president of the party in Parliament, Albert Batet; the spokesperson, Josep Rius; the leader of En Comú Podem and negotiator of Sumar for the investiture, Jaume Asens, and the leader of the comuns in the Parliament, Jéssica Albiach. Also present were the spokesperson for the CUP in Parliament, Eulàlia Reguant; the spokesperson for the Consell de la República (CdRep) and also spokesperson for Demòcrates, Toni Castellà, and the former president of the Parliament Carme Forcadell and the former councilor Josep Rull. BUSINESS, UNION AND INSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Institutional, business and union representatives have also attended, such as the director of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC), Izaskun Arretxe; the president of the Chamber of Barcelona, ​​Mònica Roca; the secretary of the UGT of Catalonia, Camil Ros, and the CC.OO. from Catalonia, Javier Pacheco. The Balearic singer-songwriter Maria del Mar Bonet and the Valencian composer Borja Penalba have performed 'L'amor és mar desfeta', 'Podries' by Joana Raspall and 'Qué volen aquesta gent?' before the speech that Antich, which culminated with the official Catalan anthem, 'Els segadors'.

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