Anti-immigrant measures are tightened in Texas; We are not going back: Greg Abbott

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he will strengthen measures against migrants on the border with Mexico.

“Texas will continue to install more razor wire and strengthen the border against illegal crossings. “We are not going to go back,” the Republican said on his X account, formerly Twitter.

The local leader explained that the Texas National Guard installed kilometers of barbed wire to inhibit immigration crossings.

“Texas is the only one that is taking measures to deter and repel illegal immigrants. The Biden administration opened the floodgates at Eagle Pass yesterday. “The Mexican military and law enforcement are doing nothing,” Abbott added.

Meanwhile, the federal government announced the sending of another 800 soldiers to reinforce surveillance and security tasks on the borders between Mexico and the United States.

These agents join the 2,500 that are already deployed in the area, according to a report from the Univision network.

To reduce illegal crossings, the Biden administration implemented new regulations in May that require immigrants to make an appointment to enter through a legal border crossing or face higher asylum requirements.

His administration has also opened other legal avenues for immigrants to enter the United States from abroad.

In the last eight days, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processed more than five thousand immigrants in the San Diego, California area, which borders Tijuana, Baja California.

Meanwhile, CBP has recorded more than a thousand encounters with migrants daily in the El Paso area in recent days, which borders Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Hundreds of migrants who crossed without an appointment have been forced to wait between border walls.

“The Texas National Guard and the Department of Public Safety are repelling illegal immigrants at the border,” the Texas governor insisted.

Yesterday, Texas authorities recovered the body of a migrant in the Rio Grande, on the border with Mexico, the second they found this week after finding that of a drowned 3-year-old child on Wednesday.

Both have been discovered north of the floating barriers that Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered installed in early July to prevent the arrival of migrants.

The Texas Department of Public Safety located the child after receiving several reports of a minor being swept away by the current while trying to cross the river with his family.

With information from Reuters and DPA

They maintain a preference for trains

After several hours of waiting to continue their journey to the United States, a large group of migrants managed to leave the Ferromex yards in freight cars and gondolas from Torreón, Coahuila.

The intention is to reach Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua and from there to the United States; It was around 10:30 a.m. yesterday Thursday when they were able to leave.

On the back of the train you could see men, women and children, the latter accompanied by their parents; others did it alone, but they felt the protection of those who traveled in the same circumstances.

Another group of migrants waits in the Ferromex yards to be able to leave towards the border, whether from Coahuila or other border cities.

Meanwhile, authorities from the three levels of government implemented a support brigade outside the Ferromex facilities, in the Braulio Fernández Aguirre neighborhood.

Medical care, grocery delivery, and other supplies are provided.

In Aguascalientes, around 300 migrants are at the Chicalote station, in San Francisco de los Romo, who have not been able to continue on their way.

The migrants arrived around 1 in the afternoon, and practically managed to reach San Francisco de los Romo, after they secretly boarded the train.

"The police, if they took us all out there, they took us all out, they don't want us to take a train, or a train, or a bus, anything... and we come here because of the cartels that are kidnapping, that's why we take the trains," said Jonny , migrant from Venezuela

Yesterday, after announcing the suspension of train routes, from the center and south to the north of Mexico, given the risk that groups of migrants would seek to board the convoys as stowaways to reach the border with the United States, the company Ferromex , a subsidiary of Grupo México, reported that it will resume some routes where it has detected security conditions to continue the transportation of supplies and merchandise.

It reported that it has implemented continuous monitoring in the vicinity of its terminals, to review the presence of migrants: “Hour after hour, risk conditions are evaluated and the reestablishment of safe rail traffic has been determined only on routes where there are no high-risk conditions,” he said.

Alma Gudiño, Karla Méndez and Daniel Sánchez

Comar suspends delivery of applications in Tapachula

TAPACHULA.– Desperate to obtain the asylum request in Mexico and because the National Migration Institute does not grant them the Multiple Immigration Format, hundreds of migrants decided to sleep outside the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Comar) in the Laureles neighborhood of La city ​​of Tapachula. Since midday the organization decided to suspend the applications for unknown reasons.

However, the Cubans were promised that the National Migration Institute would grant them the FMM, but it was only to disperse the streets of the Laureles neighborhood, where the inhabitants have demanded through documents that the Comar abandon the offices and be relocated.

With shouts and pacified protests, the Cubans demanded that the INM grant them the FMM or in any case give them safe passage to be able to continue their journey towards the north of the Mexican Republic: “We don't want each other in Mexico, we only have it passing through, “We want to go to the United States,” the United States noted.

I looked at how many children there are here!; Are there no human rights here? We are without eating, without drinking water, said a migrant of Cuban origin. “If they don't want to give us permission, they should tell us to get on the buses. But we want a solution! “He shouted desperately.

The migrants have decided to wait outside the Comar, they are going to sleep there despite the rain and the sun that reaches 40 degrees. No one is going to move so as not to lose the place they have reached, otherwise they will go to the last place in the line.

There are thousands of foreigners, most of them from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti, who seek asylum in Mexico and then go to the United States. There are also other Central American and African nationalities.

The desperation is evident, because the migrants have been waiting for two or three weeks for the delivery of asylum applications to Comar and they cannot continue on their way. They point out that at Comar they were asked to move to the processing offices of the Institute. National Immigration Agency, but the response was that they were not granted any document, in this case the Multiple Immigration Formula to be able to transit.

Gaspar Romero

In Tlaxcala, 2 Colombians drowned

TLAXCALA, Tlax.– Yesterday two people of Colombian origin died drowned in a jagüey in the municipality of Tlaxco.

The events occurred in the first hours in the community of San Lorenzo, Soltepec in the municipality of Tlaxco.

Everything seems to indicate that the two men of Colombian origin got off the train along with another man of Venezuelan origin, who were running and the 60-year-old man slipped and fell into the Jagüey. In an attempt to save him, his son also jumped into the body of water. However, neither of the two men managed to get out.

The migrant of Venezuelan origin, a witness to the scene, was the one who asked the authorities for support to rescue the two men.

Civil Protection divers from the State of Puebla arrived at the scene, who carried out rescue work within the body of water about 5 meters deep and managed to extract the bodies of a 60-year-old man and another about 25 years old, who They were handed over to the Forensic Medical Service of the State Attorney General's Office.

Belongings of the two Colombians were found at the scene, although their identity has not been clarified.

Miriam Bueno

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