Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in chaos, dismissed workers demand payment of salaries

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Former workers of the Morelos Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office demonstrated to demand payment of salaries, however, they were dismissed in September and although they promoted a protection trial, it was unsuccessful. denied so they stopped being public servants.

Thirteen workers of the Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Combating Corruption (FECC) were invited to remain in their job by Édgar Rodolfo NĂșñez Urquiza, former deputy deputy prosecutor and who assumes himself to be in charge of the office, by assuring them that their removal was false and therefore they could continue to perform their duties and receive their salary.

However, they have now been out of their positions for just over a month and therefore two fortnights that they do not have right to collect, hence they turned against the Attorney General's Office of the State of Morelos (FGE) although it has no relationship with the FECC.

It was this last instance that requested his definitive discharge from the payroll and the social security institutes, so in this context.

Constitutionally, in section even if the jurisdictional authority decides that their separation was unjustifiedyour reinstatement to service will not proceed.

Given this legal framework and since they no longer have the status of public serversthey cannot act as such, which includes the lack of the right to earn a salary.

NĂșñez Urquiza, from September 21st seized the offices of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

Acts claimed in amparo trials

Based on the information available in the Comprehensive File Tracking System of the Federal Judiciary Council (WHETHER), the acts claimed by the former officials in the amparo trials are:

The orders for dismissal, removal, cessation or separation of the positions they held in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, as well as the beginnings of procedure separation from said positions.

To date, to NĂșñez Urquiza, MarĂ­a Elena Luengas PĂĄez, Ignacio Zeus GutiĂ©rrez CĂłrdova, Zaira Labra Delgado, Miriam Lariza RodrĂ­guez Galindez, Reynaldo Silva Trejo, Carlos CĂ©sar Antonio DĂ­az RamĂ­rez, Carlos RodrĂ­guez PĂ©rez, Joan Bryan Zulbaran Vergara and Brayan Sedano SolĂ­s Sedano , they were denied definitive suspension.

“The definitive suspension is denied to the party complaining, for the reasons set forth in this interlocutory resolution. “Notify yourself”, it is indicated in the files of the Federal Judiciary Council (CJF).

While the incidental hearing of the also former collaborators Nadia Karina Figueroa Castro, José Martín Sånchez Ortiz and Berenice Álvarez García are still pending.


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