Another suspect in the Amazon case surrenders in Brazil | News


The third suspect in the death of indigenist Bruno Pereira and English journalist Dom Phillips turned himself in this Saturday at the Atalaia do Norte police station, Amazonas, in northwestern Brazil.


Remains of missing British journalist Dom Phillips identified in Brazil

Jeferson da Silva Lima, known as “Peladinho”, had an outstanding arrest warrant for participating in the crimes.

Peladinho confessed his participation in the murders, but denied having shot the victims.
In a statement, the Federal Police reported that Jefferson will be questioned and sent to a custody hearing.

In the official prison statement, the PF refers to Jefferson by another nickname, “Pelado da Dinha.”

This third arrest comes hours after the PF announced that the remains of Phillips, 57, were identified among the “material” found in the place where the first detainee, fisherman Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, known as ‘Pelado ‘, he confessed to having buried it next to the body of Pereira, 41 years old.

The conclusions about whether the other human remains found correspond to Pereira have not yet been revealed. According to the local press, the PF is looking for a fourth suspect, information not officially confirmed.

Phillips and Pereira were in the Amazon doing research for a book on environmental conservation.

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