Another skinned dog appears in Bosque de Nativitas. There are now 19!

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This Wednesday morning it appeared in the Nativitas Forest of the Xochimilco mayor's officeone more dog, skinned, and with its organs removed.

They also ripped off one of the animal's legs.

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This was denounced by pro-animal activists from the Nativitas forest, located in the Xochimilco mayor's office, governed by the Morenoist José Carlos Acosta Ruiz, who is accused of indolence in the face of the problem.

It was pro-animal activists, like Leticia Nevárez, and people who were walking through the site, who found the body of the animal, with the skin raised, in the stomach area, and with the visible extraction of organs.

The corresponding authorities were immediately notified.

A patrol from the Secretariat of Citizen Security went to the scene to protect the area, waiting for the competent authorities to arrive to lift the body of the dog, so that the legal autopsy could be performed.

As has been punctually documented Image Group, With this there are now 19 dogs that appear in the Nativitas Forest in the same conditions; mutilated, with the skin lifted and part of the organs removed, from mid-July to date.

Activists warn that this is “murders” to which not only the animals are exposed, but runners and visitors to this environmental lung located in Xochimilco would also be at risk.

“It is not possible for this to continue happening. We have denounced that this is the work of a murderer who finally, after that, can continue with people, with children, with the elderly, with women, with any type of person. It cannot be possible for the authority to turn a blind eye and do absolutely nothing,” said Aídorin Ramírez, pro-animal activists from the Nativitas Forest.

The activist accused of indolence in the face of this situation, to Mayor José Carlos Acosta, who, he said, has been aware of this problem since the beginning.

He stated that the Morenoist mayor promised to provide security in the Forest, after Image He explained the situation that exists in the place “and nothing has been done.”

“They are not providing us with the security that we deserve as citizens. We demand that we be listened to and that this be resolved and that another dog not appear in this way again. They are skinning them. Gentlemen, see how they ripped off his leg. See how they leave them. And the authority does absolutely nothing,” said Ramírez.


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