Another carnival: a man is wounded by a bullet on the first day of celebrations in a conflictive area of ​​Mexico City


A man was injured by a firearm shot during the first day of the carnival that takes place in the Peñón de los Baños neighborhood, Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, according to the first police reports.
Last year the authorities prohibited the traditional walk due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but this year it was allowed to take place.
However, during the march of the comparsas the traditional noise of explosions was mixed with that of a bullet on Nayarit street with Texcoco avenue, according to witnesses. People saw how an injured man fainted in front of an altar of Santa Muerte and called emergency services. A Civil Protection ambulance responded to the call and attended to the man without any arrests being reported. The man was taken to a hospital to be treated in a specialized way.
According to residents, there are regularly injured or killed during the Carnival, because it is an area where there are quarrels between antagonistic groups in the town that fight as soon as they see each other. Rival gangs have turned that neighborhood into a “war zone”.

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