Announced end of carrier strike in Peru | News


The Vice Minister of Transportation of Peru, Luis Rivera, announced this Thursday the cessation of the indefinite strike of heavy cargo carriers in the provinces of Arequipa, Cusco and Puno, after reaching an agreement between the parties.


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After finishing the meeting with the Executive’s High-Level Commission in Arequipa, the deputy chief of Transportation reported that “dialogue triumphed” while celebrating the will of the carriers to “jointly seek the solution of their demands.”

Rivera pointed out that the parties agreed on the issues that they will examine to advance in the negotiations, in order to “fulfill the claims that were postponed for years, which is reflected in an agreement document.”

Among the points to be discussed are improving the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund, economic aid, fuel price subsidies, as well as the declaration of an amnesty for carrier infractions.

The Vice Minister pointed out that it is unfeasible to apply the proposal for the selective tax on fuel consumption, but mechanisms in favor of carriers are being studied and will be published in the coming days.

For his part, the representative of the Association of Heavy Cargo Carriers, Javier Corrales, highlighted the need to implement a rule that guarantees the creation of carrier cooperatives, which will make it possible to set the rate of their freight.

The working groups installed will initiate the coordination to address the seven points that make up the list of claims of the carriers, meanwhile, the results are expected in approximately one month.

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