Announce creation of U. of Maryland 3 in North Bethesda

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Thursday the 10th was a memorable day for Montgomery County, when Executive Marc Elrich signed a landmark agreement with the University of Maryland in College Park and in Baltimore, and the College Park Medical System, to create the University of Maryland 3 – Institute of Informatics for Health.

This agreement will propel Maryland as a world leader in making new discoveries of cures and health treatments.

At the ceremony, held at the North Bethesda subway station, formerly known as the White Flint subway station, executive Elrich was accompanied by Senator Chris Van Hollen, and the highest authorities of the signatory entities.

Elrich announced that the Institute for Health Informatics will include research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of Virtual and Augmented Reality. It will operate in the heart of the county's life and biological sciences corridor and serve as an attraction for developers and large businesses.

It will be located in the Pike area of ​​North Bethesda, near the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Medical Center Walter Reed, the Henry Jackson Foundation, and the Center for Naval Medical Research, providing a unique opportunity for this area to emerge as the premier location for urgent, cutting-edge research.

“Almost four years ago, I began meeting with business and university system leaders about creating a life sciences research center in Montgomery County,” said County Executive Elrich.

“We are the center of the fourth largest biohealth group in the country, but the only one in the top 10 that is not anchored in a postgraduate research institution,” he explained, saying that “this institute fills that gap in academic research.” .

For his part, Senator Van Hollen emphasized the federal commitment to the program. “I am proud that Maryland is a leading center for biotechnology innovation, and this partnership between Montgomery County and some of Maryland's top universities and medical centers will also enhance America's global competitiveness and spur future life-saving medical advances. ", said.

Darryll J. Pines, President of the University of Maryland, College Park, considered that "we are witnessing an unprecedented revolution in health care driven by biomedical innovation, the digitization of medical records and advances in learning automatic and artificial intelligence.

The schedule for the establishment of the Institute begins next December 1 and its opening is scheduled for February or March 2023.

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