Aníbal Cañez announces intention to govern the Cuauhtémoc mayor's office

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Mexico City.- The PAN deputy, Aníbal Cañez Morales, took advantage of his Second Report on Legislative Activities, which was carried out at the Tlatelolco Convention Center, to make public his aspiration to govern the Cuauhtémoc mayor's office.

In the course of his report, Cañez was surrounded by prominent figures, including Federico Döring, GPPAN coordinator, as well as mayors and local and federal deputies. During his speech, the legislator highlighted the support received from both opposition leaders and residents of the aforementioned mayor's office.

“This support was clearly manifested in the 2021 elections, where, as an opposition force, we managed to wrest nine of the city's 16 mayoralties from Morena,” he emphasized.

In addition, he stressed his goal of granting Cuauhtémoc its first PAN government in history, with the collaboration of Xóchitl Gálvez and Santiago Taboada.

Regarding his work as a deputy in the CDMX Congress, Cañez reported that he presented a total of 24 initiatives, including two that gave rise to complete laws. This included the creation of the Capital Fund Law, which aims to provide the country's capital with greater resources.

“I also promoted the Law for the Verification of Sustainable Development in Mexico City, with the objective of complying with the commitments of the 2030 Agenda,” he added.

Cañez Morales also focused on the needs of Mexico City, where he emphasized the urgency of reforming the Mobility Law to improve Metro service. Likewise, he proposed the creation of a technical body in charge of verifying the maintenance of all Metro lines, as well as a budget increase in line with inflation, especially for maintenance.

In this context, the PAN legislator spoke about his commitment to the fight against corruption in the Morena government, arguing that the public service should not be allowed to be compromised by poor administration of funds or possible acts of corruption by of public officials.

To conclude, the deputy reiterated his goal of raising the quality of life in Cuauhtémoc and stressed that allowing Morena to take the mayor's office “would mean a setback in the lifestyle that many people enjoy thanks to alternation governments.”


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