Angélica Vale to Raúl de Molina after details of her house were revealed: “Do you want me to talk about your works of art?”

Angélica Vale visited ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’.

Photo: El Gordo and La Flaca / Univision

“Do you want me to talk about your works of art?”… That’s what Angélica Vale said to Raúl de Molina during her visit to ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ this Friday, to talk about the start, this coming Sunday, of the second season of ‘Tu Cara Me Sona’.

Why did Angélica refer to the collection of paintings and art that she has from Molina and that could be valued at millions of dollars? Because A few days ago on the Univision afternoon show they presented a report on the alleged new mansion that Angélica and her husband Otto Padrón would have acquired in Los Angeleswhere they have been based for a few years.

According to the report, they had recently moved, they were in a very well located area of ​​the city of Los Angeles, near Universal Studios, It was valued at more than 3 million dollars and they would have paid it in cash.

That’s why the Vale, without abandoning the sweetness that characterizes her, demanded the report that they would have done without asking her and without permission to show the house inside. He also clarified that It is not even recently moved and much less had they paid for it in cashIn fact they are still paying for it.

“Do you want me to go to your house, Gordito?” Angélica said, to which De Molina replied: “I live in an apartment.”.. It was there that the Vale reminded him of the number of original paintings and works of part of unique pieces that decorate the apartment he has on an island in Miami..

Lili Estefan felt that it was time to end the discussion as a joke, and asked her how she was preparing for this Sunday when she returned as judge and coach of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena,’ and It all ended with a funny: “Yes, let’s change the subject”, de la Vale.

Remember that this next Sunday, March 27, at 8/7 PM Centro begins the second season of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ on Univision in the United States and by the channel of Las Estrellas in Mexico.



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