Ángela Aguilar's mother prefers Nodal's music than her son's

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Mexican regional singer Ángela Aguilar He confessed that his mother, Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá, prefers music Christian Nodal who of his own sonLeonardo Aguilar.

Bliss statement was made known after the interpreter of The crybaby was interviewed for himto entertainment journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, through her YouTube channel.

His Argentine descenthis love for Flor Silvestre and how the negative comments from social networks to her life, were part of the themes that Ángela touched with Mara.

Ángela Aguilar assures that her mother prefers Nodal

Christian Nodal was another topic that was discussed in the interview with Pepe Aguilar's daughter. "How is your relationship with Christian Nodal? because they even recorded a song, Mara questioned Ángela.

"Chris for me is someone I admire a lot. He is a man who has an incredible career, some spectacular compositions. He is really very funny because my mother loves the way he sings." "Christian, he is fascinated by it," responded the member of the Aguilar dynasty.

And he added that his mom She has declared herself a faithful admirer of the interpreter of We are no longer nor will we be and she even claims that she is one of the singers who has a great voice, supposedly better than that of her son, Pepe Aguilar.

"My mother says: 'From the great voices your father "Christian Nodal, maybe your brother (Leonardo Aguilar)."

He commented that His family views Nodal "with great admiration," because of everything he has achieved in the music world.

"Well yes, we have that duet that we recorded in the pandemic, which was the song of the year of the pandemic. It was the most listened to song on the radio and well now, seeing him happy and what a father that in this area he can now find his place and he is doing too and I applaud him.

"I'm very happy with his success, you have no idea. He's also very cute," Angela said.


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