Ángela Aguilar steals her father’s camera modeling a purple dress: “How beautiful is my daughter”

Angela Aguilar.


After the successful presentation of Ángela Aguilar in Mexico Cityagain monopolized the spotlight, but this time within the social networks of his father, who had no choice but to confirm that the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty is very pretty.

It all happened when Pepe Aguilar He participated in a live broadcast with his social network followers to announce the details of his upcoming shows; However, the moment was overshadowed by the presence of her youngest daughter, who once again stole the camera thanks to her indisputable beauty.

This moment was experienced on the afternoon of this Sunday, February 20, within the official Instagram profile of the Mexican regional interpreter, where he informed his followers that everything is ready for the show. Jaripeo Without Borders scheduled for next Friday March 4 in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to deny that he is infected with Covid-19 as was rumored a few days ago, so no date has been postponed or canceled and confirmed that the presentation continues on March 12 with the same show in which he will be accompanied by his children Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar.

But the information was interrupted with the appearance of Angela Aguilarwho dazzled with her beauty when modeling her purple butterfly print dress.

Hello everyone, do you like my dress?“Said the 18-year-old singer and then let her team of collaborators continue doing her makeup.

But before the wave of compliments that began to arrive, the idol of the Mexican regional did not hesitate to confirm the beauty of his heiress.

Yes, how beautiful is my daughter, the net“, he added.

In the middle of the talk, father and daughter took the opportunity to deny other rumors, among them that Jenni Rivera would be hiding in her ranch, an idea that they denied between jokes.

“Yes, and I also have Elvis Presley and Jon Lennon, I have a street for pure celebrities who go there to take refuge after they die. How do you think for the love of God?” Said Pepe, while the young woman assured that La Diva de la Banda is “hidden in her uncle’s room.”

Likewise, Pepe Aguilar decided to turn the camera to allow his fans to see how they put make-up on his daughter, assuring that it was “to get more followers live“.

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