Ángela Aguilar is criticized by Rocío Dúrcal's brother for her song

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Ángela Aguilar known for her ranchera and pop musicventured into the genre of electronics, exploring a sound that was not previously present in their repertoire. While Steve Aoki famous American DJhas managed to establish itself as one of the greatest exponents of electronic music Well, it's not the first time he's approached mexican artists.

In this recent collaboration, Steve Aoki and the famous Mexican singer Ángela Aguilar joined their talents for the electronic version of the classic ballad The cat under the rain, originally performed by Rocío Dúrcal. The topic, titled Invite me to a coffee It was released on June 15, 2023.

After this release of the song it has caused stir among the followers of both artists and has become the protagonist of several controversies; but the family of Rocío Dúrcal, who originally sang it, They were not happy with the result.

Arturo de Heras, brother of Rocío Dúrcal, attacked him when reacting to the cover of The cat under the rain shared his opinion about the song and He confessed that he does not agree with the title changeIn addition to thinking that Angela didn't like the new version either, she told the television program windowed.

''Look, The truth is that it is better not to give an opinion"I think I shouldn't have given it another title, because the song didn't need it, and it's definitely not like I modified it that much, so it's not relevant," commented the singer's brother.

Despite his comments, Arturo clarified thatthe daughter of Pepe Aguilar He likes her and considers her a talented woman with a future in music.

Roció Dúrcal's daughter says that she would have done better the cover of “La gata in the rain”

For its part, Shaila Dúrcal daughter of Rocío Dúrcalalso spoke out against the title change and expressed that she would have made a better cover of the song.

In September, Shaila was questioned about Invite me to a coffee and although he agrees with artists making new versions of classic songsis not sure if it is permissible to change the title so radically.

However, Shaila joked that this new version of The cat under the rain you It would have suited Steve Aoki better with his voice and even mentioned:

''I heard it because he published it, I follow Steve Aoki... it would have been better if I had done it, it would have been great,'' the singer commented. She added jokingly, now I'll look to David Guetta to do something similar.

Steve Aoki defends Ángela Aguilar

Ángela received criticism for performing one of Rocío Dúrcal's most famous songs and for collaborating with Steve Aoki, then the DJ came to the defense of Ángela assuring that she is an artist and mentioned that the idea of ​​doing The cat under the rain in its electronic version it emerged from both.

“We saw each other in the studio and Angela's voice struck me. I was delighted with the voice, the presence, the whole artist that Angela is,” Steve Aoki mentioned to the Hoy program.

Ángela Aguilar, for her part, has chosen not to comment on the criticism she has received.


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