Ángela Aguilar goes viral in minis, but I'm behind

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The images and videos of Angela Aguilar in minis and moving their hips very suggestively have gone viral in recent weeks on social networks…Wow! The young woman from the Aguilar dynasty seemed like she was beginning to show a more sensual side than she had seen before.

However, the fans Of the singer They began to notice some characteristics which made people think that she could be a double, a girl who was trying to hide her identity. There was something right.

In fact, the images and videos of the interpreter, who together with Yuridia They achieved one more success with “Qué agony”, they are fake news.

Again Angela Aguilar she was violated. More than a year ago, some images of him with the composer were released Gussy Lauwho is 15 years older than her.

On that occasion Angela Aguilar commented: “I love them more, and I am very happy and grateful. “I’m ready for what’s next this year, to continue releasing music and I thank you for the support,” she said.

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After ruling out that someone could be trying to harm her, the granddaughter of Wild flower and Antonio Aguilar He stated: “I believe that everyone is living their life just like me, and may God bless them all.”

On this occasion, the Artificial intelligence (AI) was used to modify the videos that are broadcast by the Argentine dancer, actress and influencer Martu Morales with more than 2,000,000 followers.

Angela Aguilar and Martu Morales They are just another victim of what is known as “deepfake”. A manipulation of images and voices that several celebrities have faced and is even conducive to scams or fraud on the internet.

What is a “deepfake”

He "deepfake” or “deep fakes” are “video, image or voice files manipulated by artificial intelligence software so that they appear original, authentic and real,” according to the LISA Institute.

The "deepfake” use artificial intelligence learning, so these files manage to deceive us easily.

It is common that the “deepfake” are used to make people believe that what they are observing is real, “so they pose a great threat to today's society, potentially facilitating misinformation and causing citizens to distrust any source of information.”

In the case of Angela Aguilar and Martu Morales the videos of the second were manipulated. The reels that she shares on her social networks were taken to montage Ángela Aguilar's face.

This is what is behind the various videos that have gone viral on social networks and have once again violated one of the members of the Aguilar dynasty and Martu Morales.

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