Ángela Aguilar generates controversy after saying that she is the "only woman" successful in the Mexican regional in the US.

Ángela Aguilar generated controversy on social networks.

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The youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar returned to give something to talk about on social networks. On this occasion, Angela Aguilar She assured that she is the only woman who represents the Mexican regional genre in the United States who is having success.

Her comments arose during an interview for the radio program 'El Terrible', in which the 20-year-old was talking about the inequality that she believes exists between men and women in the Mexican regional.

"I do not believe that women are positioning themselves in Mexican music, I do not believe that it is true, there is still a long way to go, I believe that gender equality, specifically in this genre of music, is very difficult to achieve, but obviously it is one of my biggest dreams"Angela began by saying.

The youngest of the Aguilars commented that the success of the song she wrote for Yuridia was somewhat surprising because women sing it and a woman wrote it.

"Right now, with the song that I wrote for Yuridia together with my father and some friends, which we sang 'Qué Agonía', it has gone four times platinum, and that is not normal for music by a woman, and even less written by a woman"he commented.

In addition, she asked her interviewer to mention an artist besides her who was doing a concert tour in the United States.

"You tell me how many women's tours there are of Mexican music right now... Apart from Marícela, I, think that the only headliner in the United States I think it's just me, because I think everyone has co-headliners, I'm the only one who He's doing a solo tour in America."said the interpreter of 'Ahí Donde Me Ven'.

Likewise, when asked what she thinks it takes for women to stand out more in this genre that for years has been dominated by men.

“I feel that it is more about habit, I think that people have to open their eyes a little more, because the talent is there. There are artists who are doing great things right now”Angela stated.

Despite the fact that Ángela was trying to make visible the inequality that exists in the Mexican regional for women. However, on social networks her statements have been criticized and some of her even describe her as "arrogant".

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