Ángela Aguilar excites the royalty of Spain with her greatest success | VIDEO

American singer, Angela Aguilarmanaged to shake Queen Sofía of Spain and other personalities of the Spanish performs in a charity event to which she was invited.

Well, several videos are already circulating on social networks in which he appears while performing one of the most iconic songs of his career.

It is about the theme “La Llorona”, a popular piece of Mexican culture. In addition to leaving the attendees very happy with the melody, They were also shocked to learn the vocal quality of Ángela Aguilar, who shone and was a delight for the personalities in the room.

Pepe Aguilar's daughter took a few seconds of her time to share her happiness with the more than nine million followers on Instagram who are watching her careernext to a postcard with Reina Sofía published.

“Tremendous privilege, something I never imagined. Music is definitely the universal language. Infinite thanks! This experience is in my heart."

The 19-year-old star, in addition to bringing Mexican sounds to Spain, also wore a beautiful dress that, like most of the outfits she uses for her shows.

Which are made by artisans who embroider or weave each of the details with which it is presented on stage, This time was no exception since it is appreciated with clothes with Talavera colors and also as one of the accessories she used a pair of earrings inherited from her grandmother Flor Silvestre.

Where does the hit song by Ángela Aguilar come from?

Many say that its origin is the legend, others that it is similar to a collection of poems that Luis Góngora wrote in 1621, while it is also mentioned that he was born at the time of the 1910 revolution.

Andrés Henestrosa, a famous composer, said he heard it for the first time in 1941. Chavela Vargas recorded it in 1958. It appeared on the tape "Frida" in 2002, until Ángela Aguilar sang it at the 2019 Grammy Awards, and according to the description of his video the composer is Luis Martín Serrano.

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