Android 13: what’s new in the new version of Google’s operating system


The new operating system is now available for download in its beta version

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Google officially presented the first public beta version of Android 13 (Tiramisu), its new operating system. This represents the last phase before the stable version of this mobile operating system hits the market.

From now on, all those users who wish to do so and have compatible devices will be able to download and install Android 13 on their devices.. However, those users who do so must be aware that as it is a preliminary version of the new operating system, it could include errors that cause them to lose information.

Here we tell you what are the novelties that the new version of Android brings:

1. Security and privacy

Among the focuses of Android Tiramisú is an important improvement in security and privacy. This can be clearly seen in the new image selection system that allows users to better manage the multimedia content stored on their terminals.

In this way, Android 13 also incorporates new permission systems that give the user the power to allow or not allow an application to connect to WiFi networks. In this way, applications are prevented from making use of the users’ Internet connection without any type of control.

2.Tap to transfer

Users will now be able to transfer files to other people or devices just by touching their mobile screen. This new function is expected to use the connectivity of those devices that have NFC and Ultra Wide Band technology.

This way people with compatible equipment will be able to play video or audio on other players, which should offer an improved user experience.

3. Multi-user payments

Android 13 too will incorporate a function that will allow people to make multi-user payments using the NFC technology of their devices. Until now this was impossible, although Google offered support for multiple users in the same terminal.

This means that all users who have an account on a team will be able to set up their own payment system, without the need for anyone else.

4. Panlingual System

From now on, users will be able to configure their equipment so that the applications work panlingually. This means that in addition to the general language in which the phone operates, each of the apps can be configured to work with a different language.

5.Bluetooth LE Audio

The new version of Android It will have support for the Bluetooth LE Audio codec, which will allow you to extend the battery of devices that connect via Bluetooth to the phone.

This new technology manages to improve the energy use efficiency of devices without compromising quality or performance.

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