Andrés Guardado with Cristiano Ronaldo: the “Little Prince” entered a select group of soccer players thanks to the Mexican National Team

The Mexican National Team got a tight 1-0 victory against Peru. This triumph for El Tri meant a respite from the criticism of Gerardo Martino, but it also allowed Andrés Guardado to be placed on a select list of footballers with 100 wins or more with his national team. This register allows the “Little Prince” to sit on the same table as Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former Atlas footballer is one of the key pieces in Gerardo Martino’s team. Safely, Guardado will be one of the players that will make up the Mexico squad for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. This will represent the fifth World Cup for the “Little Prince”, but along the way he continues to expand his historical records.

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This triumph allows him to be the first Concacaf player to reach a hundred wins for his country. The “Little Prince” is also the first footballer, outside UEFAwhich accomplishes this feat.

The five footballers who have achieved 100 or more wins for their country

Andrés Guardado sat at the same table as great European soccer players. The other players who have reached a hundred wins are: Sergio Ramos (131), Íker Casillas (121), Cristiano Ronaldo (113) and Xavi Hernández (100).

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